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Dahl by Ron Leach, Oil on Linen, 16x20
Solo Exhibition
October 21 - 28, 2017
Opening Reception 
Thursday, October 26, 6:00-9:00pm
Meet the Artist @ Opening Reception
Artist Talk and Intro @ 7:30pm
Dacia Gallery is pleased to present Fauvist, a recent works solo exhibitition by Ron Leach. These works are selections that concentrate on the allegorical and the portrait, two of Mr. Leach's main themes.  Each nude and portrait represent an allegorical concept using the figure as theme: such as Lizzie is meant to represent the Greek Goddess Hestia providing sustenance for man, and The painting Sissyphus is about Mr. Leach's inner struggles with the ebb of flow of creation. Mr. Leach's work is steeped in the tradition of western painting, using a lush palette of color squarely dominated by blue.
My work comes from a dichotomous existence. I grew up in a small town, Mingo Junction, and we lived on a hill overlooking the downtown area. The town was located on the Ohio River next to the steel mills, a natural and an industrial environment in one. As a child, I became interested in comic books and wanted nothing more than to draw them. Then my aunt introduced me to the Baroque and portraiture, and the images of horses and nudes floating up to heaven turned me toward fine art. These were the images that remained, and remain, with me. Now I am influenced by painters such as Rubens, Degas, Courbet, and Pieter Bruegel the Elder, but I am also drawn to Thiebaud, Diebenkorn, Kline, Ernst, and Beckmann. I strive to combine the lush physicality of the older painters with the psychological complexity of the modern ones. This duality informs my current work, which revolves around themes of horses, the nude, and portraiture. My newest painting, the fauvist revolution, is meant to bring the viewer into a classicist view of art evoking the emotions of Pierre Bonnard. The model walks you into a room to view a time past but also moving forward.
Ron Leach: was born in Ohio's steel valley in the bustling town of Mingo Junction.  At the age of four he discovered that he wanted to be an artist spurned on by the lofty images of baroque figures. After Ron graduated from Carnegie Mellon where he studied under Jamie Adams and Herb Olds, he moved to New York to pursue a career as an illustrator, but the yearning to return to the fine art and the gracious help of the Gershwin hotel prompted Ron to return to fine art.  Heavily influenced by the likes of RB Kitaj, Degas, Bonnard and Max Beckman, Ron concentrated heavily on the figure and the horse.  His works have been showcased in several venues, with Monique Goldstrom, The Gershwin Gallery, the now defunct New Yorker Gallery, Musee Lingerie, Dop Dop Salon, Boylan Studios, Hayden five, Alice Band Salon, and others. He has built a following of collectors and continues to paint and work out of his studio in New Jersey.
Artwork by Ron Leach Artwork by Ron Leach Artwork by Ron Leach Artwork by Ron Leach Artwork by Ron Leach Artwork by Ron Leach Artwork by Ron Leach Artwork by Ron Leach