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Untitled by Ted Barr, Oil, Tar, Acrylics on Canvas 40x60
Solo Exhibition
October 5 - 20, 2017
Opening Reception 
Thursday, October 5, 6:00-9:00pm
Meet Ted Barr @ Opening Reception
Artist Talk and Intro @ 7:30pm
Cycles of life speaks about a different life perception in which there are no finite span of human existence but everlasting cycles of being and transforming. in this approach to life there isn't life and death but a transformation between existence with and without the physical body. Another basic theme in Ted Barr's art is the void that is symbolized by the white canvas. The void is the starting point as the white canvas on top of which an image is formed, an image or symbol that can resonate with other human beings and cause an emotion or action. All the works in this series are made out using the FLY technique developed by Ted Barr, based on multiple layers with tar oil and acrylics in each layer. In his symbolic art Barr has a continuous dialogue with deep space, nature, the beginning of life and the enigma of human life as part of our universe. Every art work is a mini cosmos and holds its own story that is but a sentence in a wider book called FLY that stands for Free the Life within You. The FLY book was published this month, it encapsulates all major articles that Barr has written in the past 20 years, sharing his life quest and art theme. We offer the FLY book as an integral part of this show. Lee Vasu -Dacia Gallery curator.
Several fields are involved in Ted Barr’s Art. He has spent years learning, what later became an inspiration for his paintings: deep space astronomy, esotericism, Kabala, ancient Egyptian symbolism, numerology and the meaning of colors as an expression of different levels of energy. His love of observing the sky and interest in celestial and human resemblances informed his art since the beginning. Painting the galaxies, the stars, supernovas and the human formations, made it possible for Ted Barr to explore the deepest connection between the marvel of creation, of star forming areas in the Milky Way Galaxy, embryos development and sacred rituals. ‘’While painting the celestial sky I deal with questions about the origin of life, conception, pregnancy and birth that evoked the very first moment it all began. My art gives me a space to experiment with and connect all these worlds; the atomic and molecular space-time continuum, the star-galaxy, the galaxy cluster space-time realm. I use diluted tar, acrylic and wax and other organic matter that makes up the physical universe. In every one of my paintings there is a precise approach to using colors and forms.’’ In Ted’s art one can explore the deep curiosity and the human attempt to find answers about the meaning of our life. His art opens a dialogue about everlasting universal questions, wondering what is the purpose of being human, and the beginning of Life.
Ted Barr attempts to answer visually the mystery of creation, connecting the visible with the invisible, and gathering the universe’s energy with his own language and technique. In the Cycles of lo life series Ted gives a shape to the elementary forces that made the universe; his images are archetypes that recall eternal symbols laying in our unconscious. ‘’In my art I use white as the representation of the void and the everlasting journey of human life. White is a collective color. Its energy contains all other color frequencies.’’
Ted Barr: was born in Constanta, Romania and lives in Israel. He’s a painter, published author, teacher, lecturer and curator.His work has been exhibited in: New York/ Montreal/Palo Alto / Guadalajara / Detroit / Chianciano Terme/ Cannes / Paris / Istanbul / Izmir / Cheshme  /Hayward / Dallas / Miami / Udaipur/ Grand Rapids/ San Antonio/ Berlin/ Venice/ Milano/ Tel Aviv/ Palm Beach/ Katmandu / Burning Man festival in Nevada. Barr additionally curated exhibitions in: Miami / New York / Paris / Tel Aviv/ Venice.
Artwork by Ted Barr Artwork by Ted Barr Artwork by Ted Barr Artwork by Ted Barr Artwork by Ted Barr Artwork by Ted Barr Artwork by Ted Barr Artwork by Ted Barr