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Marylin Monroe by Analia Escalada, Oil on Canvas, 20x20
Solo Exhibition 
February 6-17, 2023
Opening Reception
Thursday, February 16, 6:00 - 9:00pm
 Meet the Artist at Opening Reception
Artist Talk at 8:00pm 

I am them or they are me... These oil faces whose features reflect the path to freedom. The aim is to enjoy life to its best, afflicting me, seeing the joy and beauty, and colors around me. It is difficult for me to talk about my work, as if it were only art. These faces are a projection of moments, experiences, people and feelings that I have had the pleasure of knowing and are part of who I am today. We are all connected and this is a simple externalization of the present moment. - Analía


Analía Escalada was born in Fray Bentos, a small town in Uruguay,South America. She started painting when she was a kid, later on took classes in the University and got a scholarship from the State Department to spend a two-month program in New York to focus on her artwork. In New York, Analía consolidated as an artist, painted live during events and participated in different openings. Her work also calls the attention of galleries in Punta Del Este where she is currently exhibiting a summer series of 4 pieces. Her main inspiration is coming from her living experience, every face represents a feeling, a particular moment in her life, a person. Is the way she finds to connect with the one she loves and herself living abroad. “Painting for me is balance, I can find myself between my brushes, it gives me peace”.



Artwork by Analia Escalada Artwork by Analia Escalada Artwork by Analia Escalada Artwork by Analia Escalada