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Allegory of the Lemon Peel by Sofiya Kuzmina, Oil on Canvas, 16x20
Group Exhibition 
February 1 - 13, 2022
Opening Reception
Thursday, February 3, 6:00 - 9:00pm
To make an appointment to see the exhibition please Text: 917-445-5243 or Email: info@daciagallery.com
Featured Artists
Lauren Faulkner, Jane Philips, Emma Hapner, Hope Buzzelli, Kirubel Abebe, Carlos-Abrahan Pineda Palma, Michela Roman, Sofiya Kuzmina, Stefania Bruins, Cheyenne Earp, Ava Bramlett, Laura Romaine, Tslil Tsemet, Olivia Chigas, Alayna Coverly, Yanqing Low and Jess Capobianco. 
Dacia Gallery presents “Carpe Diem”, an exhibition of selected works by up-and-coming young figurative artists. Coming from a diverse background of various countries and states, they are united by their passion for a combination of figurative art and conceptualism as well as for a search for a unique artistic voice as they enter the contemporary art world. Rich with self-portraits and personal narratives, the exhibition shows the vulnerability, anxiety, beauty, and openness young artists experience in relation to themselves and the world around them. - Curated by Sofiya Kuzmina.






Allegory of the Lemon Peel by Sofiya Kuzmina, Oil on Canvas, 16x20 Arielle, Emma  Hapner, Oil on Canvas, 16x20 Coming Home, Jessica Capobianco, Pen & Ink on Gessoed Wood Panel, 33.5x17.25 Details, Alayna Coverly, Oil on Canvas, 16x20 Existential Unicorn, Stefania Bruins, Oil on Aluminum, 16x20 Gestures of Masculinity, Kirubel Abebe, Acrylic on Canvas, 43.3x35.4 Holding Feets, Laura Romaine, Oil on Canvas, 18x24 I'll Laugh Until My Head Comes Off I'll Swallow Until I Burst, Carlos-Abrahan Pineda Palma, Graphite & Charcoal on Wood Panels, 18x18x1.5 Meta ta Physika, Ava Bramlett, Charcoal on Strathmore, 21x29 Ojo (End of History), Olivia Chigas, Oil on Wood Panel, 24x18 Oxtail 1, Hope Buzzelli, Oil on Panel, 12x16 Portrait of the Artist as a Drama Queen, Jane Philips, Oil on Paper, 12x16 Rose Colored Glasses, Cheyenne Earp, Oil on Linen, 9x12 Self Care, Tslil Tsement, Oil o Canvas, 30x33 Unspoken Voices, Michela Roman, Hydrocal Casts with Patina Finish, 1ftx2ftx1ft Tangential, Yanqing Low, Oil and Acrylic on Paper Mounted on Panel, 14.5 Umbilical, Lauren Faulkner, Oil on Canvas, 16x16