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Renaissance Man by Michael Conroy, Oil, Tempera and Copper on Canvas, 30x41
Solo Exhibition 
August 7-14, 2021 
Opening Reception
Thursday, August 12, 6:00 - 9:00pm
Meet the Artist at Opening Reception
Artist Talk at 8:00pm 
Come see works made both before and during the pandemic. Michael uses these loose portraits to see how far they can be pushed to address the pressures of humanity that so often lay beneath the skin. Attempting to replace anatomical components for emotional representations, these paintings address our societal loneliness, euphoria, connectivity and struggles. Trying to cut the core of our collective souls and shine light on those topics and people often pushed aside.

Michael’s paintings can best be described as the documentation of all his run-ins as visual outbursts depicting a life’s worth of clashes and epiphanies. Born and raised in Dorchester, a blue collar culturally diverse neighborhood in Boston. Michael likens painting to writing visual poems, drawing inspiration from the city and community he lives in, the people he interacts with, fights with, falls in love with, and the music he listens too. Hip hop pulses through his loose graffiti style while his love for punk rock gives it a society challenging edge. Michael’s paintings are filled with visual questions and affirmations, while encouraging the willingness to be himself at all costs. He believes art resides on the ground floor and in the basements, as close to the earth as possible, always inclusive, always eye level. Primarily hoping you can feel something when you look at his work, identify with the content, or make it mean something for you personally.

Michael Conroy b. 1980 currently lives and works in NYC
Artwork by Michael Conroy Artwork by Michael Conroy Artwork by Michael Conroy Artwork by Michael Conroy Artwork by Michael Conroy Artwork by Michael Conroy Artwork by Michael Conroy