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The Republic is Tested: History Unfolds Before Our Eyes 
Solo Exhibition 
January 17-31, 2022
Opening Reception
Saturday, January 22, 6:00 - 8:00pm
To make an appointment to see the exhibition please TEXT: 917-445-5243


The purpose of this creative collection of paintings depicting the American historic journey leading up to the transfer of power to the Biden Administration is to enrich and stimulate the discussion of important issues related to recognizing threats to and defending of American democracy. This series is considered one work of co-dependent artwork.  At the bottom of each painting, the artist highlights the date-stamped news of the day with a timeline in relation to the 2020 Presidential Election on November 3rd, 2020 (noted as E plus or minus days on the paintings) and the Covid-19 US death toll which played an instrumental role in deciding the Presidential election (noted as C19US  rounded to the nearest one thousand deaths on the paintings). These paintings incorporate transformative work adding new meanings, original works, portraits, politics, history, and news reporting disseminating information, education, parody, satire, criticism, commentary providing insight, opinions, and free speech. Where possible public domain and creative commons zero (CC0) works were used as a reference. Attributions and credits have been noted with care. This work of art flows from many months spent in quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic of the times. Most of the paintings were completed from October 2020 through April 2021, overlapping the actual events that are depicted. The title block words and numbers at the bottom of the panels were completed thereafter. Copyright 2021 RockwellB.


RockwellB (ROCK-well-BEE, pseudonym) is a fresh New York contemporary history artist. Passionate about American history, RockwellB recognized that the 2020 Presidential election cycle was to be a momentous turning point in the story of the nation.  While quarantining during the Covid pandemic, RockwellB set out to create a visual collection of paintings depicting headline news events spanning a six-month timeline leading up to and following Election Day 2020 despite having no formal art school training. The 2021 Copyrighted collection of acrylic paintings on cradled wood panels entitled “The Republic is Tested: History Unfolds Before Our Eyes,” is fittingly anchored with “Voting Hero” John Lewis and culminates with the White House Inauguration Day “Celebrate America” fireworks finale.  It is RockwellB’s hope that these panels will inspire viewers to recognize some of those in our midst who were tested during this most trying time of our nation’s history and demonstrated their love of our nation and its principles by supporting its Constitution, obeying its laws, and defending it against all enemies. [1]. [1] The American’s Creed by William Tyler Page, written 1917. 

This collection of work is comprised of 30 painitngs, each is 3 feet high by 2 feet wide, acrylic and mixed media. The work is being sold as an entire historical collection of art as a series: Price: $250,000
For inquiries please email info@daciagallery.com or call: 917-727-9383

In loving memory of DOCKEY whose goodness and kindness transcended the troubled times.

Artwork by RockwellB Artwork by RockwellB Artwork by RockwellB Artwork by RockwellB Artwork by RockwellB Artwork by RockwellB Artwork by RockwellB Artwork by RockwellB