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Dacia Gallery and The European House of Arts are pleased to present Dacia Universal Art Project, a new and exciting adventure in the arts. Dacia Universal Art Project will launch July, 2013 with a debut exhibition in beautiful Mazières-de-Touraine, France. The exhibition will travel to the gothic city of Erfurt, Germany and take place at the celebrated Bildergalerie at Palmenhaus. The exhibition tour will conclude in the medieval city of Sibiu, the heart of Transilvania in Romania. The Dacia Universal Art Project will comprise of a group exhibition of American and International Artists that will be represented in France, Germany and Romania. The aim of Dacia Universal Art Project is to bring together and share the splendor of art with the global community.  
France Exhibition Dates  
July 26-28, 2013  
Opening Reception: Friday, July 26, from 6-11pm  
Address: City Hall, Mazières-de-Touraine, France  
Germany Exhibition Dates  
August 9-10, 2013  
Opening Reception: Friday, August 9, from 6-11pm  
Address: Bildergalerie, Schlösserstraße 10, 99084 Erfurt, Germany  
Romania Exhibition Dates  
August 23-25, 2013  
Opening Reception: Friday, August 23, from 6-11pm  
Address: Galeria Habitus, Piata Mica 1, Sibiu, Romania  
Dacia Gallery and The European House of Arts is pleased to announce the participating artists in the International Exhibitions:  
Ted Barr, Dina Brodsky, Rachel Burgess, Janet A. Cook, Leonardo Cuervo, Stephen Early, Shawna Foley, Jennifer Gennari, Kristy Gordon, Dana James, Christina Justiz, Dana Kleinman, Ruth Kleinman, Dor Confino, Nikolina Kovalenko, Thomas Legaspi, Travis Little, Stefano Losi, Daniel Maidman, Susannah Martin, Heather Morgan, Andrea Peterson, Catalin Precup, Carol Scavotto, Avner Sher, Amalia Suruceanu and Patricia Watwood.  
In total over 80 works of art have been selected to be sent to Europe for exhibition in France + Germany + Romania.  

The European House of Arts (EHOA) supports cultural and artistic exchange between all countries by organizing encounters with artists of different disciplines. The primary interest is the field of arts and culture on local, regional levels, and then connecting this to the wider national and international scene. European House of Arts believes in the methods of inter-disciplinary projects and personal encounters between the diverse ethnicities. In the art world, cultural diversity becomes a ball of strength and a pointer towards a more tolerant future, and this reveals a wider view of how society can change. The European House of arts has organized and curated exhibitions and events throughout Europe, from France, Germany, Romania, Italy, Spain and Croatia to name a few. By bringing these values into the homes of ordinary people through art exhibitions, art festivals, concerts and live performances, the smallest cells of society become the leaders of social innovation, shifting values to a higher level of freedom and peace.

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