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Searching the Soul
Solo Exhibition 
May 11-25, 2022 
Opening Reception
Thursday, May 19, 6:00 - 9:00pm 

Meet the Artist at Opening Reception

Artist Talk at 8:00pm 

Dana York - At the heart of the York Family, painting is a question of DNA. Dana could not deviate from family tradition. With a Romanian architect artist mother, the American artist with Brushes in hands, and dreams in mind, she has been walking the winding, yet so precious, the path of artistic expression in all its forms. from piano to painting, from science to research, for Dana, there is only one step to take, one note to play … It is by studying the ancestral history that will occur. Dana’s insatiable creative process is carried away by illumination and calligraphy poetically combine to confirm the most beautiful of promises.


Spellbound by this traditional art from the 17th century School of Painting, the artist observes and analyzes forms, volumes, substances, and techniques, she opts for the art of reverse painting and chooses to express it on panels of glass or museum synthetic Crystal Glass. And no matter how fierce the technique makes it one of the most vigorous expressions of art! While some see Dana York’s work as a rereading inspired by the Venetian school, others feel drawn to his interpretation of these Ketubahs, richly adorned with gilding, writings, and symbolic images. 2014. 


She then leaves this New York which saw her grow up, for the sun of the French Riviera, she invites pastel blue, metallic tones, emerald green or bright yellow. Happiness is inspiring for the New York artist. If the works of Dana York place the feeling and the emotional, at the heart of the artwork, almost taking precedence over the technique, we find in her work, an astonishing and daring mixture of tradition and modernity! A new modern art inspiring Love, Tolerance, and Peace.

For for information on Dana York please visit her artist website: www.danayork.com


Artwork by Dana York Artwork by Dana York Artwork by Dana York Artwork by Dana York Artwork by Dana York Artwork by Dana York Artwork by Dana York