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Clouds And Sky by Elaine Kurie, Oil On Linen, 32x24
Group Online Exhibition  
August 3-28, 2020
Featured Artists
Pamela Navarro, Ivan Pazlamatchev, Teresa Brutcher, Pavel Ouporov, Charles Eisenberg, Elaine Kurie, Elyse Hradecky, Alexey Mashkov (Mashkow), Cynthia Cochran Kinard, Katia Lifshin, Andrea Monge, William Reed, Paige Bradley, Jeff Newman, Gero Eaton and Pegah Samaie.
Dacia Gallery cordially invites you to view our Online Summer Exhibition 2020. This exhibition embodies an eclectic mix of contemporary artists that focus on representational art through painting, drawing and sculpture. The collection contains a mosaic of work through a life long study of anatomy, depth, color and light through the unique vision of each artist. From renowned representational artists, Ivan Pazlamatchev and Teresa Brutcher to classically influenced Pavel Ouporov and rising stars Pamela Navarro and Katia Lifshin. Fusing together an achievement of what is currently being created in representational art at the peak of a new movement by inspiring artists. 


To add an artwork to your collection and for more information, please contact Dacia Gallery at 917-727-9383 or e-mail us at info@daciagallery.com

Blue by Pamela Navarro, Digital Print, Five Serial Prints Available, $130 Each
Blanket by Ivan Pazlamatchev, Oil on Canvas, 46x46, $6,000


Snow White, The Fairest of Them All by Teresa Brutcher, Oil on Canvas, 39x31.5, $3,600



Katya by Pavel Ouporov, Oil on Panel With Gilded Sterling Silver, 8x10, $5,000
 I Hate You Dont Leave Me by Charles Eisenberg, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 36, $2,000
Clouds And Sky by Elaine Kurie, Oil On Linen, 32x24, $4,500
Studio in the Time of Covid-19 by Elyse Hradecky, Oil on Board, 5x7, $400
Oxanax by Alexey Mashkov (Mashkow), Oil on Canvas, 44x34, $22,000
Young Girl With Flowers by Katia Lifshin, Oil on Canvas, 16x16, $1,800
The World Inside by Andrea Monge, Oil on Canvas, 24x18, $1,500
On Journeys Path by William Reed, Oil on Linen, 24x30, $3,400
Expansion by Paige Bradley, Bronze, 18.5x21x9.5, $18,500
Hero by Jeff Newman, Oil on Canvas, 36x48, $2,900

Remembrance by Gero Eaton, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 96x60,  $25,000

Yearning for Release by Pegah Samaie, Oil on Aluminum, 20"X30,  $4,800