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 Personal Perspectives of Five NYC Phoenix Art Collective Artists 
Group Exhibition
January 5-18, 2020
Opening Reception
Saturday, January 11, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Featured Artists
Pamela Flynn, Joseph O'Neill, Christa Toole, Laura Westby, and Scott Wixon 
Meet the Artists at Opening Reception
Artist Talk at 7:30pm

Dacia Gallery proudly presents Abstractions/Metaphors, a group exhibit of five artists from the NYC Phoenix Art Collective, will allow the viewer to contemplate works that push the narrative past the obvious into the realm of abstractions and metaphors. Flynn is asking the viewer to see the world as a balance of elements through her colorful paintings of rock forms. Her rocks are surrounded by hand laid seed beads creating a unified image that pulls the viewer in. O'Neill's black and white images push the viewer to connect the images with structures. The photographs have a sense of drama by the use of high contrast black and white and crisp clean lines of the geometric form. Beyond the abstractions there is always a certain amount of realism. Toole’s lyrical paint, thread and wax images explore space, energy and transformation. Her works evokes the concept of the transmutation of energy. In her paintings the viewer imagines energy moving from one realm into another, its properties may change but the force remains invariable. Westby's large powerful oil paintings are both architectonic and conceptual. She begins with seeing landscape as analytic geometry dealing with the movement and relationship of fields. Her intense colors and the inertia of shape creates  tensions and perspectives of a moment of reference. Wixon's images are filled with color and a personal vocabulary of shapes and gestures. He paints from a combination of influences from the environment where the work is created and from his imagination. His paintings pull the viewer into a world of activity.

Pamela Flynn Laura Westby Scott Wixon Christa Toole Joseph O'Neill