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The Fall of Carthage by Michael X. Rose, Oil on Canvas, 22x32
Solo Exhibition 
November 18-30, 2019 
Opening Reception
Thursday, November 21, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Meet the Artist at Opening Reception
Artist Talk at 7:30pm 

Carthago Delenda Est, or Carthage Must be Destroyed, was the motto of the great  Roman Cato. The utter annihilation found in the painting The Destruction of Carthage sums up the philosophy of this exhibition of new works. Epic scenes and ideas of apocalyptic destruction are presented with themes of love and sensuality found in the cathartic abandonment of Bacchanalia.


Michael X. Rose: Directly descended from the last pirate publicly hung in Charleston, South Carolina, legendary scourge of the seas Earl Hugh Rose, Michael X. Rose's known history dates from December 12, 1975, when the wretched child, perhaps four years of age, was found abandoned on the streets of Amsterdam, Holland. He was rescued by a Belgian order of Dominican nuns and taken to an orphanage outside of Brussels. Active discouragement from all pleasurable habits and the repeated, prolonged physical abuse at the hands of older, stronger, boys finally caused the Sisters to seek placement of young Rose elsewhere. As a wayward teen in Brussels, he learned to live off the streets and his wits. He spent his days inside the great museums, and could be seen always drawing from the Old Masters, especially Rubens. A patron assisted him in travelling to America to attend art school at Pratt Institute in NYC. Upon entry to the country American Consular officials told him of his birthright, the Rose ancestral plantation outside of Georgetown, South Carolina. Abandoned for many decades, Rose quickly decided to forsake the crumbling plantation house with its terrible ghosts and debauched past. Fleeing, he set the rotten hulk ablaze. From the glowing embers of this destruction Rose fled northward once again and eventually established residency in Bruynswick, Ulster Co., N.Y. where, from 2000 through Winter of 2017/18, he maintained an art studio in a 17th century farmhouse with his wife Kristina and their eight children, most of whom were adopted during repeated voyages to the Far East. Since 2001, Rose has eked his living exclusively from his artwork; painting, drawing, bookmaking, and occasional tattooing. When last seen on March 19, 2019 he was known to be researching occult phenomena in a vermin infested stone tower on the Bruynswick property. He hasn't been seen by human eyes from that time. Cult activity is widespread in the area. A local police investigation remains open. At this time, authorities are awaiting lab results of a hideous ectoplasm that was found at the scene.


Even now I laugh out loud…There can be more genius in one absurd moment than a thousand calculated steps.”- David Clark Perry, Chronogram Magazine, 20th Anniversary issue, 11/2013


Rose’s work is hyper-narrative, neo-Outsider and smart as a whip. Cavemen battle dinosaurs, satyrs chase nymphs, lightning strikes picnickers, Christ gets resurrected, the gods of Egypt take on robots, ghosts haunt landscapes, Nazis fight nymphs…. a Grand Guignol-meets-Catholic narrative with a heavy metal/punk soundtrack of his own making.” – Paul Smart, Almanac Weekly January 2014


" ... Rose exhibits a frightening quality in his hideous little paintings, that he is either a madman or a scoundrel, and I fear he may be both..."  Outland Magazine, September, 2009, # 23


" ...if we as a society are to be asked to accept this profane vision of human existence, I for one prefer to be counted among the dogs. An unnameable evil stench permeates the work of this soon to be forgotten dabbler..."     Artsider pamphlet, Oct, 2007, Vol.3, Issue 4


" ...after seeing this exhibition one is reminded that there are crueler beauties which lurk all around us which cannot help but invade our psyches and aid the growing mental dementia of our society..."     Psychology Now, Nov., 2005, Issue 6A

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