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Flow of Ideas by Viktoria Koestler, Oil and Acrylic on Panel, 24x36
Solo Exhibition 
November 5-16, 2019 
Opening Reception
Thursday, November 7, 6:00 - 9:00pm
Meet the Artist at Opening Reception
Artist Talk at 7:30pm 

Unexpected Reality: is a series of paintings that showcases figurative artwork in various degrees of abstraction. Within the series, certain pieces contain explicit imagery of the female body, while others display the aura of a person who has left a room. This work is based on the philosophy that one’s perspective on reality is utterly subjective and is informed by past experiences and social influences, not to mention current moods. Sometimes, a person is desperate to align their physical appearance, free will, and possibilities, and yet holds themselves back to fulfill social expectations. In our world, which is dominated by social media and the urge to showcase only the pretty and sunniest sides of our lives, we give up our privacy and the dynamic nature of our lives for the sake of appreciation and validation. In her pieces, Victoria Koestler conveys her experiences as a female artist and business woman, questioning the outdated living and working environments in our knowledge and technology driven society. Viktoria decided not to give faces to her subjects in this series, nodding to the need to maintain anonymity in our world and to get back to our “normal” daily lives – characterized by serious work environments and rigid family structures.


Viktoria Koestler: was born and raised in Germany. After moving to Zurich (Switzerland) to complete her graduate degree in organizational psychology, she worked for an international management consultancy. After working in this role for close to 2 years Victoria left to pursue her artistic work. The underlying theme in Viktoria’s artwork is how to create a successful life by overcoming past regrets, roles, and societal beliefs. In a world where almost everything is accessible to everyone, she wants to emphasize that authentic experiences contain elements of good and bad, birth and death, and love and hate. Viktoria artistically transfers these seeming contradictions into her artwork through combining unusual materials like gold and graffiti spray paint, organic forms and harsh edges, highly contrasting colors, and the use of materials that wouldn’t normally be used in traditional painting techniques.

Artwork by Viktoria Koestler Artwork by Viktoria Koestler Artwork by Viktoria Koestler Artwork by Viktoria Koestler Artwork by Viktoria Koestler Artwork by Viktoria Koestler Artwork by Viktoria Koestler Artwork by Viktoria Koestler