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Summer Session: June 1 - 30, 2018
Open to all Visual Artists - Beginning & Advanced Level Artists Accepted
15 Artists Accepted Only - Please Register Early to Reserve Your Spot
To view Lee Vasu interview on the Romania Artist Residency Click Image
Dacia Gallery is proud to announce its annual Artist Residency in Sibiu, Romania for Summer 2018. The residency is located in Transylvania at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in the medieval city of Sibiu. The Sibiu Artist Residency provides an academic program to inspire, refine and redefine the creative direction of artists in a figure and landscape painting intensive four-week program. Including two art exhibitions, one in Sibiu, Romania and one at Dacia Gallery in New York City.
Let nature be your muse as you discover light, color and perspective by painting the landscape of mountains, fields and the red-shingled rooftops of medieval towns and villages with glimmering church spires. Experience figure painting in a unique environment as you paint the nude model with expert teacher instruction of anatomy, form, line, color and depth. Develop a realistic looking approach to painting the figure by a true study of nature and the beauty of the human form.
Explore the medieval city of Sibiu, its churches, plazas, restaurants and cafes that line the cobblestone streets and visit the Brukenthal Museum. See the Black Church of Brasov and the star shaped citadel fortress of Alba Iulia and the fairytale Castle of Hunedoara. Journey through the mysterious forests and serpentines that lead to the castle of Vlad the Impaler, otherwise known as Dracula. Join us on an amazing artistic experience in Romania.
Invitation to Artists: Dacia Gallery invites artists to participate in this exciting Artist Residency program in Romania. Registration is open to visual artists worldwide, including all mediums and styles of artwork. We are accepting artists that want to dedicate their time to painting, learning, sharing a cultural exchange and exploring. Resident Artists will meet daily under teacher instruction where art classes will alternate between figurative painting and drawing, landscape painting and the business of art course. This is a wonderful opportunity to study and paint in Romania. If you are interested in participating registration is now open.
Bring a Friend: Artists have been asking if they can attend the residency with another artist friend. Yes you may. If you and another artist would like to attend and share housing, you both have to apply separately and then let us know that you will be rooming together and we will make proper arrangements for you. This will be an exciting adventure and fun to share with a friend or a spouse. Many of the artists that attended our previous the residencies in Romania brought an artist friend with them. Please let us know if you want to do the same.
Sibiu, (Hermannstadt): Is a beautiful medieval city located in the center of Romania and the capital of Transylvania. The city was founded in 1191 AD and settled by Germans, known as Transylvanian Saxons, together with the local Romanian population formed the city of Sibiu. Today, Sibiu is one of the most important cultural center of Romania. With numerous museums, exhibitions, festivals, concerts, theaters and fashion, Sibiu was designated the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2007 by the European Union and is the foremost tourist destination in Romania for culture. Sibiu was also ranked as “one of Europe's most idyllic places to live in" by Forbes Magazine. Sibiu sets the stage for a perfect place to host an exciting cultural artist residency in Romania that we want to share with you. Welcome to Transylvania!
Mondays & Tuesdays
Figure Drawing & Painting Intensive: Classes are structured on drawing the model from life to strengthen basic drawing fundamentals of anatomy, composition, line, proportions, depth and movement of the human figure. They are geared towards painting the model from life using oil paints and other preferred mediums. Artists will explore the nature of oil painting techniques by studying flesh tones, values, proportions and compositional structure of the figure. This is an intensive figure drawing and painting course, the instructor will be present during all classes, assisting each artist based on their needs and skill level.
The Business of Art: Each week, Lee Vasu, the founder and curator of Dacia Gallery will hold a lecture course on The Business of Art, explaining the inner workings of the New York art world and how to successfully market one's artistic career to achieve representation by a gallery or an arts institution. Presentation is of utmost importance and we want to prepare you for all the ups and downs of what it takes to exhibit your artwork in New York City and elsewhere.
Wednesdays & Thursdays
Landscape & Plein Air Painting: Experience plein air painting of landscapes by painting on location in Sibiu and the surrounding countryside. Discover the landscape by learning perspective, color theory and depth as you paint the fields, mountains and medieval architecture of Transylvania. Create dynamic landscape compositions by using alla prima and direct painting techniques and learn how to organize visual elements to form the image of the landscape in a new and powerful way.
Fridays & Saturdays
Weekend Trips: Artists will spend the first weekend in Sibiu exploring and familiarizing themselves with the city and have a Welcome to Romania Celebration. During the following weekend we will visit Brancoveanu Monastery, Vlad the Impaler's (Dracula's) Castle, the city of Brasov for an overnight stay, and the next day we will venture to the top of the Carpathian Mountains of Balea Lac. The following weekend artists will visit the village of Sibiel to explore the Museum of Icons on Glass, Hunedoara Castle and Alba Iulia's citadel. This is an educational and artistic trip that is separate from the artist residency and its purpose is to inspire the resident artists. Weekend trips are available to resident artists to participate in through a preferred travel agency at the expense of the artist during the planned weekend excursions and overnight travels. Last summer we explored Transylvania with the resident artists and learned about its history, customs and art. It is a wonderful time that we look forward to sharing with you.
Sundays: Will be designated as a day to complete paintings, rest or explore museums and the region.
Art Exhibitions in Sibiu & NYC: Dacia Gallery will host two art exhibitions for the artists participating in the Sibiu Artist Residency. One will be held in Sibiu at the end of the residency and one will be held at Dacia Gallery in New York City. The gallery will host a formal Opening Reception for the exhibit in NYC, including an Artist Talk during the opening reception, presenting your work to the public, curators and collectors.
Dacia Gallery held 4 Artist Residency Sessions in Sibiu during the summers of 2014 - 2017, to which over 150 artists attended the residency from all over the world. Artists came to Sibiu from the United States, Canada, England, France, Italy, Australia, South Korea, and Romania to name a few. It was an incredible experience of learning, painting, exploring and making new friends. We look forward to sharing this wonderful artistic experience with you.
To see pictures of our Artist Residency in Romania click on images below:
Painting in Arpasu de Jos Painting in Arpasu de Jos Painting in Arpasu de Jos Painting in Arpasu de Jos Dinig out night :) Artist at work Artist at work Artists hanging out Visiting Brancoveanu Running up a mountian, literally Artist at work Artist at work in Arpas Artist at work Visiting Sibiel Visiting Hunedoara Castle, we had too much fun here Monastery visit to see frescos and Icons Exploring in Arpas Artists enjoying the evening Just finished a portrait The portrait party Exploring Transylvania Lunch outdoors Portrait painting Painitng the Mountains Waiting for the train The cows really do come home in Transylvania Painting in Arpas Sunset painting Resident Artists Artist at work Artist at work Artist at work Artist at work Artist at work Artist at work Learning to shoot a bow and arrow Target practice Artist at work Traditional Romanian costume in Brasov on our visit Snow bound on Balea Lac The waterfalls of Balea Lac Artists enjoying the night Artists enjoying the night Cook out Artists enjoying the night Painitng the landscape At the top of the mountains Artists at work Artist at work in Sibiu Artist at work in Sibiu Hunedoara Castle Visit Hangin out in Deva Painting in Sibiu Artist at work in Sibiu Artist at work in Sibiu The German Church in Sibiu