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July 5 - 18, 2020 
Thursday, February 6, 2020 at Midnight 
Open to all Visual Artists
Beginning & Advanced Level Artists Accepted
Space is limited to 15 students, please register early to ensure your participation.
Once you register you are automatically in the Sibiu Artist Residency Program.
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Residency Description: Dacia Gallery is pleased to announce an Artist Residency in Sibiu, Romania for the Summer of 2020. The residency is located in Transylvania at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in the medieval city of Sibiu. The residency provides an academic program to inspire, refine and redefine the creative direction of artists in a painting intensive two-week program. Including an exhibition of your artwork at Dacia Gallery in New York City.
Let nature be your muse as you discover light, color and perspective by painting the landscape of mountains, fields and the red-shingled rooftops of medieval towns and villages with glimmering church spires. Experience painting in a unique environment as you paint with expert teacher instruction. Develop a realistic approach to painting by a true study of natural beauty.
Explore the medieval city of Sibiu, its churches, plazas, restaurants and cafes that line the cobblestone streets and visit the Brukenthal Museum. See fortresses and the star shaped citadel of Alba Iulia and the fairytale Castle of Hunedoara. Journey through the mysterious forests and serpentines that lead to beutiful village of Sibiel to the Museum of Byzantine Icons on Glass. Join us on an amazing artistic experience in Romania.
Invitation to Artists: The Sibiu Artist Residency is open to all visual artists worldwide and will accommodate all levels of experience, from the beginner, who is seeking to develop basic skills, to the advanced artist, who may be interested in insights into the instructor’s approach and practices. We are accepting artists that want to dedicate their time to painting, learning and sharing a cultural experience. This is a wonderful opportunity to study and paint in Romania. If you are interested in participating register today. 
Bring a Friend: While the artists work daily in an exclusive group setting, artists can bring a friend or spouse to accompany them to Romania, share housing and participate in our out-of-class events. This will be an exciting arts adventure and good to share with someone.
Art Exhibition: It’s your moment in the spotlight. In November 2020, Dacia Gallery, will host a formal Opening Reception & Exhibition presenting your artwork from the Romania Artist Residency in a group show that is open to the public at the gallery in New York City. Once the public has arrived, each participating artist will give an artist talk to the assembled crowd outlining the featured artwork and methodology to collectors, artists, gallerists and the admiring public.
Sibiu, (Hermannstadt): Is a beautiful medieval city located in the center of Romania and the capital of Transylvania. The city was founded in 1191 AD and settled by Germans, known as Transylvanian Saxons, together with the local Romanian population formed the city of Sibiu. Today, Sibiu is one of the most important cultural centers of Romania. With numerous museums, exhibitions, festivals, concerts, theaters and fashion, Sibiu was designated the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2007 by the European Union and is the foremost tourist destination in Romania for culture. Sibiu was also ranked as “one of Europe's most idyllic places to live in" by Forbes Magazine. Sibiu sets the stage for a perfect place to host an exciting cultural artist residency in Romania that we want to share with you. Welcome to Transylvania!
Landscape & Plein Air Painting: Experience plein air painting of landscapes by painting on location in Sibiu and the surrounding countryside. Discover the landscape by learning perspective, color theory and depth as you paint the fields, mountains and medieval architecture of Transylvania. Create dynamic landscape compositions by using alla prima and direct painting techniques and learn how to organize visual elements to form the image of the landscape in a new and powerful way. This is an intensive drawing and painting course, the instructor will be present during all classes, assisting each artist based on their needs and skill level. Plein Air Classes start at 10am and usually end at around 5pm with a one hour lunch break. 
The Business of Art: Lee Vasu, the founder and curator of Dacia Gallery will hold two lecture courses on The Business of Art. Clarifying to artists the inner workings of the art world and how to successfully market one's artistic career to achieve representation by a gallery or an arts institution. We will discuss how to advertise and market your work, how to establish prices and how to approach a gallery for a solo or group exhibition. Professionalism and presentation is of utmost importance and we want to prepare you for all the ups and downs of what it takes to successfully exhibit your artwork.
Weekend Trip: Artists will spend the first weekend in Sibiu exploring and familiarizing themselves with the city and have a Welcome to Romania Celebration. During the following weekend artists will visit the village of Sibiel to explore the Museum of Icons on Glass, Hunedoara Castle and Alba Iulia's citadel. This is an educational and artistic trip that is separate from the artist residency and its purpose is to inspire the resident artists. Weekend trips are available to resident artists to participate in through a tavel agency at the expense of the artist during the planned weekend excursion and overnight travels. We explore Transylvania with the resident artists and learn about its history, customs and art. It is a wonderful time that we look forward to sharing with you.
Arrival in Sibiu: Artists need to arrive in Sibiu by: (Saturday, July 4, 2020) Students will meet each other on the next day, (Sunday, July 5, 2020) in Piata Mica where a formal introduction and a festive welcome reception will be held. This will give you time to settle in before classes begin. Artists are responsible for the cost and booking of their flights to and from Romania. 
Sibiu Airport: There is an airport only 10 minutes away, Sibiu International Airport in Sibiu. We recommend that all artists fly directly to Sibiu International Airport.
Bucharest Airport: Bucharest airport will be an additional four-hour drive to Sibiu. If you wish to fly into Otopeni Airport in Bucharest, you may do so, the best mode of transport to Sibiu will be either a bus or the train. You can google schedules and locations for accurate information. The train ride from Bucharest train station (Gara de Nord)  to Sibiu is quite beautiful.
Housing: Artists are responsible for their own housing accomodation during the time of the program in Sibiu. Previous artists have stayed in Sibiu through airbnb.com to find affordabe accomodations. Typically, airbnb.com is the best resource for affordable temporary accomodations in Sibiu, most really nice places are $20 a night or less. Additionall sources are, booking.com and travelminit.ro as alternative options. The best palce to live at in Sibiu is in the Old City, anywheere near Piata Mare or Piata Mica. If you google it, you will find plenty of available housing in the area. Most of the time in the city, we will be painting and congregating around Piata Mare and Piata Mica, so it will be nice if you could live within a reasonable walk away. Everyting in town is within walking distance in the Old City of Sibiu.  
Food: Romania has a great culinary tradition and food and drinks are very inexpensive and can be purchased at the local markets. There are many varieties of traditional Romanian restaurants as well as German, Italian, French and Asian restaurants in Sibiu at the numerous terraces in Piata Mare and Piata Mica.
Art Materials: Artists must bring their own art supplies. Once you have registered for the residency, a Dacia Representative will contact you and email you a Materials List.
Artist Residency Fee: $1,600
Payment: In order to reserve your spot, please select from the options below and make a payment to register. Once payment has been made your spot is automatically reserved in the residency and a Dacia Representative will contact you to discuss the residency with you. There is no refund sixty days before the residency begins because we will have already paid for all the residency costs in advance. There is a fifty-dollar non-refundable fee for registration. Upon clicking submit and making the first payment the artist agrees with Dacia Gallery's terms and conditions for payment. The balance must be paid in full before the residency begins
To register select an option below and the website will take you to our online registration form. You may upload up to 10 examples of your artwork and your bio or resume.
Option 1: To register and make payment of $500 via Credit Card, Click Here
Option 2: To register and make full payment of $1,600 via Credit Card, Click Here
After you complete your electronic registration you will be re-directed to PayPal for payment. If you have any questions regarding the residency, payments or registration please email or call the gallery at any time.
E-Mail: info@daciagallery.com
Phone: 917-727-9383
Thank you and we look forward to sharing this unique art experience with you in Sibiu, Romania. 
Dacia Gallery has hosted 9 Artist Residency Sessions in Sibiu during the summers of 2014 - 2019, to which over 150 artists attended the residency from all over the world. Artists came to Sibiu from the United States, Canada, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, and Romania to name a few. It is an incredible experience of learning, painting, exploring and making new friends. 
I attended two Artist Residencies in Sibiu with Dacia Gallery. They were exceptionally valuable and unique. The instruction was first rate. Of vital interest was gaining knowledge of the NYC art gallery scene and what it takes to be successful. However, the workshops are appropriate for artists at all levels. Your host, Lee Vasu, owner of Dacia Gallery, is very open, honest and supportive of artists. I can’t think of a better individual resource in NYC for emerging artists than Lee Vasu. - Alexandra Giannopoulos
I attended the Sibiu Artist Residency to be able to get an intensive painting experience, away from work and my normal habitat. I chose it specifically because I was looking for a better understanding of the figure and landscape painting that I would be able to integrate back into my large-scale abstract work. This experience was amazing because we were working and learning all day every day, and I was getting all sorts of information that I felt I didn’t get too much of in art school. Most of all, Lee and the instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. They all truly cared about helping us to become better painters and making sure that we left with a better understanding of the art world and how to succeed in it. I would happily and hopefully attend again. Romania was an absolutely amazing experieicne for an artist. - Katherine Hooper
I just completed an artist residency in Romania with Dacia Gallery and found the experience to be really valuable. Our instructor was generous and truly inspiring. Lee served as our mentor and art business sage, leading us through gallery and museum visits, encouraging questions and discussions. The quality of the instruction alone made the residency worthwhile, but there was also a collegiality established from the first day that made our group of strangers become great friends. I highly recommend this experience. - Nataliya Scheib
Thank you, Lee Vasu and Dacia Gallery, for giving all of us such a rich and enlightening experience in Sibiu. I can only speak for myself when I say that it changed my focus and zeal. I am now convinced I should do the paintings I am born to do and to work "smarter" to get them out there to the right places, where they can be most effective. You are an ideal gallery director who has his heart in the right place, working to help young artists learn and find their place in this complex world. I am so happy I did this and met such wonderful people as the other residents, Iliya and you. I am very grateful to you for providing this opportunity! - Dominique Bass-Terpstra
I really enjoyed my painting intensive residency with Dacia Gallery in Sibiu. The instructor was personalized, gentle yet prodding and helped me to discover my weak spots and see with fresh eyes. I wish we had more time. The Dacia Gallery couldn’t have been more accommodating and encouraging. Romania was wonderful experience I look forward to repeating. - Sara Nguyen
After feeling intuitively that I needed to upscale my technique with a master of light and shadow in oil painting, I found a residency at the Dacia Gallery. Their instructor was the ideal fit: with patience, step-by-step approach, thorough explanations and delicacy, he helped me go further and better in the painting process, pushing me beyond my comfort zone and my limits. The Sibiu Residency was very well organized, the atmosphere nice and welcoming, the other participating artists great, and the landscapes incredible to paint, Romania is absolutely gorgeous.  - Janet Logan
As a recent BFA graduate, I didn’t understand how important residencies could be until this experience. Completely dedicating myself for work relieved me of external concerns, and this ignited a fire in my core with gasoline. This residency was a shocking reminder to get out of my head, and just create. - Chalice Bartsch-Bailley
I really enjoyed the Sibiu Residency!  It was a wonderful experience, the painting, instruction, business talks, artist talks, gallery walks, museums, our opening reception for the exhibition, everything was wonderful and energized me to create more!  I feel like my art, as well as everyone's art developed so much during the residency, and I feel like all of us were so fortunate to have such a wonderful opportunity and experience!  I thank you! - Patricia Mosca
A Few Artists That Previously Attended Dacia Gallery's Artist Residencies:
Scott Dodson, Victoria Duncan, Coila Evans, Sirun Guan, James Horner, Jennifer Casaburi, Catherine Connolly, Griselda Lechini, Sanda Manuila, Deanna Mclaughlin, Carol Scavotto, Hongmei Shen, Kathleen Tobin, Mario Villagómez, Jill Baker, Stephen Burt, Miriam Zora Engel, Masood Khan, John McCabe, Jessica Meuse, Jennifer Mondfrans, Charlie Mostow, Randy Zucker, Miriam Cabello, Kaitlin Flack, Ellen Llewellyn, Lavely Miller, Gustavo Rincon Moreno, Tia-Maria Soroskie, Carmen Torruella Quander, German Jaramillo-Mckenzie, Jee Kim, Grace McKee, Jennifer Mondfrans, Jamielyn Mosca, Patricia Mosca, Jeff Newman, Victoria Selbach, Mike Selbach, Dominique Bass-Terpstra, Cathy Boyd, Zoe Ciupitu, Archer Dougherty, Seth Earnest, Hilary England, Alexandra Giannopoulos, Elody Gyekis, Carrie Hudson, Amy Karki, Chris Klein, Katie Moran, Alexandra Moss, Sara Nguyen, Michael O'Sullivan, Helen Parkin, Arwen Reynolds, Nataliya Scheib, Margarita Felis, Katherine Hooper, Janet Logan, Sophia Tarassov, Meredith Thomas, Anne Tochka, Rosanda Watson, Rachelle Williams, Jessica Charton, Sabrina Etheridge, Ariane Garnier, Yuki Kano, Tessa Kennedy, Laura Montealegre, Zeynab Movahed, Mihaela Savu, Rosanne Walsh, Ruchira Amare, Trudy-Ann Barrett, Stella Chang, Jessica Jokhi, Natalie Schwartz, Narineh Seferian, Chalice Bartsch-Bailley, Lydia Frost, Seth Foss, Alex Ortega, Sharon Strine, Paula Turk, Sari Mallow, William Reed, Berry Villegas, Tricia Townes, Ramah Al Husseini, Amy Whitman, Elizaveta Bondarenko, Gjergji Meta, Viorica Ghetu-Vuono, Ionela Harhata, Karen Stephens, Martyna Gryko, Meghan Taylor, Callan Dullea, Isabella Mellado, J. Adam Davis, Joanna Bavero, Margaret Vega, Jotham Malavé Maldonado and Shawn Lindsay.
To see pictures of our Artist Residency in Romania click on images below:
Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency Romania Artist Residency