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Sonya Study by Erin Anderson, Oil on Vellum, 4.5x6.5
Dacia Gallery Holiday Group Exhibition
December 8, 2016 - January 26, 2017
Featured Artists
Erin Anderson, Noah Buchanan, Caitlin Karolczak, Janet Cook, Stephen Early, Seth Foss, Max Ginsburg, David Kassan, Nikolina Kovalenko, Yuri Leonov, Shana Levenson, Travis Little, Stefano Losi, Hilary McCarthy, Rachel Meuler, Misako Oba, Robert Pillsbury, Edmond Rochat, Joshua Schaefer, Billy Seccombe, Errol Smith, Patricia Watwood, Stephen Yavorski and Leah Yerpe.
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Session I: March 20 - 25, 2017
Session II: June 5 - 10, 2017
Registration Deadline
Thursday, January 19, 2017
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First Place Award: $1,000 - Second Place Award: $500 - Third Place Award: $500
Registration Deadline
Thursday, January 19, 2017
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Dacia Gallery is pleased to announce the following artists as finalists for the upcoming Solo Exhibition for February 2017:
David Oquendo, Don Almquist, Joel Coleman, Lori Shorin, Emilie Lee, Luis Alvarez, Archil Pichkhadze, Jessica Nissen, Wen Redmond, Tsai Hsi Hung, FLuX (John  Malloy), Kerry Brooks, Dick Buckley, Eileen Corse, David Michael Hollander, Thekla Papadopoulou.
The Solo Exhibition has been awarded to: Emilie Lee
Thank you to all the artists who participated in the open call for the exhibition, so many of you are very talented and it was a difficult decision to pick the finalists for the show. If your artwork was not chosen for the upcoming exhibition we want to let you know that we do have your submission file and we are considering your work for our next exhibits that we are planning for 2017. If your work fits a particular show we will email or call you and let you know which work we request for the exhibits. We wish you the best of luck in your artistic endeavor and please stay in touch with us for the upcoming exhibition season.